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Coffee &Tea Packaging Award 2017

For coffee roasters and producers as well as for tea producers and manufacturers  packaging if extremely important, after all right product presentation is a vital part of success. Therefore we have decided to gather all original, creative and new packaging designs in one place in the framework of Russian Coffee & Tea Packaging Award on the platform of Coffee & Tea Russian Expo.

Coffee Tea Packaging Award  is an annual award for the best packaging solution in tea and coffee spheres. The award was established by Association Rusteacoffee for the purpose of finding the best packaging from the point of view of design, marketing potential and product conformity. 

Participation in the competitive selection is quite simple, there are only three stages: 

1 stage - receipt of applications

Till the October, 27th 2017 (6 pm Moscow time) the participants are to submit one picture of the packaging that fully represents the design.

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Vote for tea category

2 stage - Internet voting and defining of the finalists

1st of November 2017 all pictures will be published on the Internet: whithin a month everyone will have an opportunity to vote for one or several packaging designs they find the best. Following te results on the 30th of November there will be 20 finalists: 10 finalists in the category tea packaging and 10 finalists in the category coffee packaging.

3 stage  - announcement of the winners

In the period from December 1st 2017 till the February 10th 2018 the finalists should present to the organisers the original packaging. The samples will be exhibited in the framework of Coffee & Tea Russian Expo 2018 , and professional judges will define the winners. According to the results there will be two winners: in the category of tea packaging and in the category of packaging for coffee. 


Packaging requirements:in the competitive selection can participate packaging for roasted and grinned coffee, soluble coffee, loose-leaf tea and bag tea. The participating packaging should be present on the russian market.  

Picture requirement: a picture illustrating the packaging should be in the  JPEG, JPG, PNG formats, with 200-300 dpi density.